Client Background

Maryland Vascular Specialists (MVS), owned by esteemed vascular surgeon Dr. Sam Saiedy, has been providing compassionate and exceptional patient care since its inception in 1999 with one practice location. 

When MVS' marketing director reached out to Aiden Marketing in late 2016, MVS had grown to 15 locations, including 4 endovascular outpatient centers. Maryland Vascular Specialists' multi-location practice has offices in Maryland and Pennsylvania.


With rising competition from hospital medical systems that were increasing their marketing efforts, many privately-owned medical practices in Maryland faced challenges in securing new patients at the same pace of former years. With a history of primarily only using traditional marketing tactics, MVS' marketing director desired to unlock the potential of inbound marketing and knew that hiring an inbound marketing agency of experts would help fill the gaps between what MVS desired to achieve and what they could implement on their own. They, like many other medical practices, simply didn't have the time or internal expertise to execute inbound marketing. 

MVS chose Aiden Marketing as their agency partner to develop and execute a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy to help grow their practice. We helped MVS to achieve its goals of attracting new patients and providers, increasing brand awareness online, and reinforcing the expertise of MVS as the leading care provider for vascular conditions.

Objective / Goals

Maryland Vascular Specialists sought to introduce their brand to a broader geographical area across 9 counties in Maryland and in Hanover, PA, and York, PA.


With excellence in vascular care and patient education as key elements, the primary goal was to untap the online market of patients and referral providers, with marketing support for offline efforts being an important secondary goal.

  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase monthly leads for new patients (self-referrals & provider referrals)
  • Increase and strengthen relationships with referring providers
  • Lower cost-per-lead acquisition
  • Increase market share & quarterly revenues
  • Educate current & prospective patients and providers on vascular conditions and treatments
  • Build a digital footprint that establishes MVS as a trusted leader of vascular care
  • Improve sales-enablement support for practice liaisons

Website Design & Drive Traffic

50 to 4,330

Monthly Website visitor Traffic Increase Dec. 2016 - May 2018


DEC. 2016 - MAY 2018

Outdated Website, Limited Traffic & Keywords

The Maryland Vascular Specialists (MVS) website was in need of a makeover in order to overcome the aging visual appeal of the site, and the lack of value propositions and forms throughout the site. At the time that MVS came to us, there was limited organic website traffic. These were multiple factors that hurt the ability of the MVS website to offer a good user experience (UX) for visitors and to convert prospects to leads.


Results: 8,560% Website Traffic Increase

We launched a modern, responsive, website redesign in late Dec. 2016 that included on-page SEO keyword optimization for pages and blogs, and a content framework that effectively showcased MVS' vascular services, expertise, and convenience. With the website redesign, MVS changed their domain to the new name of 

The new monthly website traffic from Dec. 2016 through May 2018 increased by 8,560% while we worked with MVS (and traffic growth in comparison to previous years was exponential).  Keyword optimization on the site resulted in growth from 16 to 615 keywords that produced Google search results that included the MVS website, and 475 of those keywords were producing organic traffic to the website.




Increase Monthly Leads


Total Leads Generated


Consultation Leads

No Lead Generation Online Through Website

There were no conversions forms on the website for Maryland Vascular Specialists for content offers or general inquiries; thus, the ability to generate leads online for the various MVS locations and to identify what types of content prospects were most interested in was essentially non-existent.

Article Image

Aiden Marketing understood that not all prospective patients and referring medical providers who visited the Maryland Vascular Specialists website would be ready to request a consultation with a vascular surgeon. 

We implemented marketing automation software, landing pages, and dynamic forms for campaigns associated with each of the premium content offers that our team composed, designed, and distributed across multiple channels. As a result of our inbound marketing efforts, 

Results: 455 New Leads Generated


Aiden Marketing created premium, gated content on vascular conditions (PAD, DVT, 3-for-1 Vascular Screenings; Women, Estrogen & DVT, and more) to educated prospects and compel conversions, along with gated landing pages for CME seminars and special events to attract referring providers.


Increase Consultations & Reduce Cost


Total number of consultation request leads


LOwer cost-per-lead than traditional marketing

High Cost-Per-Lead Through Traditional Tactics

With no forms on their old website, Maryland Vascular Specialists' primary ways to garner awareness and generate consultation leads were through traditional marketing tactics --- print ads, TV ads, event marketing, and trade shows geared toward prospective patients and educational presentations for medical providers.

Taking into consideration the total marketing spend, the potential marketing revenue of each qualified consultation lead generated online, and the long term value of a new vascular patient, the cost per lead was 77% lower for consultation leads generated by Aiden Marketing's inbound marketing strategies for MVS (from Jan. 2017 -  April 2018) in comparison to their traditional marketing spend and CAC during the same period of time.

Results: 77% Lower Cost-Per-Lead

Jan. 2017 - Oct. 2018 Consultation Acquisition Costs (CAC) for Leads Generated

Total Self-Referral Consultation Leads Online:  62
Total Referring Physicians Office Leads:  9

Avg. CAC ($ / customer):  $31.32

Nov. 2017 - April 2018 Consultation Acquisition Costs (CAC) for Leads Generated

Total Self-Referral Consultation Leads Online:  37
Avg. CAC ($ / customer):  $26.96

Lead Intelligence & Marketing Automation





No Data on Interests of Website Visitors

The old MVS website didn't have analytics software installed on it and website visits were extremely low; thus, the internal Marketing Director had no insight into exactly what vascular conditions online visitors were most interested in when they visited the website.

Results: Lead Intelligence Behavior & Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making

Aiden Marketing installed Google Analytics and marketing automation software on the new  website we built for Maryland Vascular Specialists.. Analytics reports showed the online  behavior of anonymous visitors and leads -- the path of journey, more traffic to conversion  landing pages via Inbound Marketing strategies, highest visited blog articles, and increased time  spent on the website per user. 

Aiden Marketing also sent out content-rich monthly e-newsletters  and nurturing emails to segmented lists within the entire MVS contact database, and the open  rates and engagement click-thru analytics were automatically connected to the life of the lead.

Article Image

Analytics data proved that prospective patients (lead) and referring providers that begin their  journey with accessing a premium content offer, reading a blog offer, clicking to visit from an  email or social media posting were more engaged with the Maryland Vascular Specialists  website. Patient leads would spend more time looking at multiple pages on the website and  submitted fully completed forms on conversion pages.

We also integrated access to MVS's Patient Portal from their EMR software provider to analyze  the interest and desire of current patients to access their records online.

As an inbound marketing agency, the marketing automation software that we utilize for our  clients enables us to see what's working and to continuously make any modifications to our  marketing strategy to correlate with any shifts in the online patient's buyer journey.


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